Ericsson CMS 881 RTS Rack

This is the Ericsson RBS881 for TACS, 1 channel per rack

CMS 8800 (AMPS) CMS 8810 ( TACS)

The next generation was for ETACS was RBS883

TACS Air Interface BTS equipment

This rack would be installed in a Vodafone Base station,and is at the heart of communications with the TACS mobile phone.

The Rack can be broken down into 3 main sections.

1)Far right - The Power supply plug in unit (RCP)

RCP Rack Power Supply

This converts 24v DC into 5v,12v,-12v and -24v for the analog, digital and RF circuitry

2)Right of Centre - The Control Unit (Cu)

This is a mini rack that sits in the main rack, and contains 6 PCBs and its own back plane

Ericsson TACS Control unit
TACS Control Unit with front panel removed
Control Unit Cards with case removed
Part numbers of CU cards

3) The RF,IF and AF Plug in Units

Some Part Numbers