StornoMatic 900

How car phones looked in 1981

Storno 900 diagram

Control Head

The control head is the bit of the radio phone mounted in the passenger compartment with the driver

Boot Unit - Type SM9114D025A No F 901345 SPEC PE00000

This 10.5 kg 37x28x8cm mass of aluminium, steel and electronics, that would probably be installed in your cars boot.

It has covers that reveal circuitry on both sides, sub assemblies that connect into a pcb sandwiched in the middle

All the circuity in the boot network is controlled by an intel ID8039 micro ?, its pictured below, with the address latch

Intel ID8039 and address latch

In the bottom left of the image on the left is a green daughter board that has 2 eproms on it

Eprom Daughter Board

The Board Contains a battery, 2 Mostek MKM2716 eproms, a RCA CD4011BE and a Signetics N82S123F a 256 bit field programmable bipolar Prom

The contents of the 051 eprom look like this, you will note the first column is nealry always "00"

The contents of the 052 eprom look like this, you will note the first columb looks differnet

A bit further down in the same (052)eproms contents, the second eprom is looking like the first Eprom

Frequency Syntheses- FS 902

On the radio side of the boot unit in the second compartment from the right is the frequency synth.

At its heart is a plain looking 28 pin IC marked 185 726P1 8139, near by is a 8 pin motorola ic marked 700107P 8111

At the top of the picture above is a plug in module marked X09011 19D 900065 G23 DENMARK 47-81

In side is a crystal marked 10KV681 12800.0K 156463, A tuning coil, through hole and surface mount components.

Coaxial Leads from FS 902 goto the compartments either side, 1 to the left marked FG912 and one to the right

Service manuals

Ive just seen some service manuals on ebay, but they are a bit expensive for me at the moment !

£9.99 + £10 postage

Storno Public Radio TelephoneStornomatic 900 Service Manuals

Storno Part No SM9114D025AP

Set of 3 Manuals in very goodcondition.

1. Volume 1 - Basic Radio manual -System description and installation

2. Volume 2 - Module Manual -Descriptions, circuit diagrams and parts lists for all the modules

3. Technical Spec and Adjustmentprocedure.

Details of one of the first automaticPublic Mobile Radio Telephone systems that connected to the UKtelephone network in the early 1980s. Operated on 95 VHF frequenciesat around 159 and 164MHz using vehicle mounted duplex transceivers.

Total weight 1.65Kg

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A manual for the NMT 450Mhz version can be found here