TACS Base Station

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Make your own Analog Base Station see http://www.idesignz.org/AMPS/AMPS_BS.html and http://osmocom-analog.eversberg.eu/  



Cellnet used Motorola Base Station Equipment in the beginning I believe.

In the beginning Vodafone Used Ericsson Base Station Equipment made under license by RACAL.

Ericsson CMS88 CMS8810 BTS kit
Made by Racal Carlton

Page 79 of Cellular Mobile Telephones 1987 by S W Gibson ISBN 0-13-121930-8 025

Diagram of Ericsson CMS 8800 base station equipment

Cellnet used Motorola Base Station Equipment  

Build your own analogue cellular base station http://www.idesignz.org/AMPS/AMPS_BS.html