UK Cellsite - A spotters guide to Sites,Cabins, Cabinets, Microwave Dishes

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TV relay
 Hilltop UHF Relay site 
Typical cell site
Mobile Mobile Site
 Temporary 02
 Temporary Orange 
o2 roadside cell
 O2 Roadside 
Orange Road side cellsite on an industrial estate in Pontypool
 Orange Roadside

vodafone pitchfork
 Vodafone Pitch fork often found at railway stations
building top site
 Town centre site 
Pylon Cell site
 Pylon Site 
pylon base station
Roof top cellsite
 roof top 


t-mobile cabin
Orange Cabin
Orange Cellsite cabin
TFI cabin 
TV Brick Cabin
  UHF TV Cabin
cell site toilet block
  Home office toilet block ?


02 roadside cabinet
 02 roadside 
   Nortel GSM base station left from the T mobile days
Nokia eNode B
  Nokia eNode B
 Siemens NEC NB-441
02 cabinet
 vodafone pitchfork cabinetvodafone pitchfork 
O2 power
 02 power 
Orange utility
 Orange Power 
Orange Electrical Equipment
  Hutchinson 3G
  Vodafone pitchfork 
 crown castle power 
 crown castle power


Microwave Dishes

Monster drum microwave dish
 Monster drum 
pasolink neo trp-13g-1b outdoor unit
Unloved microwave link

Cellular Antenna