ETACS BABT/SITS/84/13/A - quoted in novatel manual
BS6940-1:1989 - Total Access Communication System (T.A.C.S). Specification for performance requirements for mobile stations

New Scientist - The Call for mobile phones- September 1984

New Scientist  - Cellular Radio Britain is carved up -Jan 1985 
Similar coverage planned, and roaming agreed for rural areas (did that ever happen ??)

New Scientist - Confusion looms for Cellular Radio may 1985
Vodafone picks a forward error correction method for data transmission before Cellnet

New Scientist - Mobile Telephones get a shake up  June 1986

Cellnet spend 22 million on a bank holiday in May , converting 360 degree transmit to 60 degree sectors. Base rx was already 60 degrees.
Cellnet capacity within the M25 has increased from 35,000 subs to 60 subs by upgrading the 4 main cells at Holborn, Paddington, Nine Elms and Mayfair. Steve Hearnden - cellnet's tech director

New Scientist - War of airwaves set to Jam the lines march 1987
Says Cellnet has 65,000 subs  and Vodafone has 75,000 subs after 2 years
Says Cellnet started converting 16 bases in the London last May

Contains some stats 

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