I'll add names here when I stumble on them in conjunction with radio phone and Cellular

Malcolm Appleby

Author of Cellular poejj

Worked on testing system 4
Co author of July 1985 BTEJ cellnet article
Cellnet rep on CRAG TACS - nov 1991
Also speaks on Stephen fry on the phone radio 4 series
can be seen here saying his name On youtube in 1988 

John Garret Co author of July 1985 BTEJ cellnet article
worked on the development of system 4.

T A Harvey - General manager radiophone services bt enterprizes 
wrote - BT proposal for a 900mHz radio telephone system february 1982 (Not based on AMPS but NMT)

E Ribchester
Chair of CRAG TACS - nov 1991

P Shelver
Sec and vodaphone rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

D barnes
DTI rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

K Chenneour
BABT rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

E Crompton
Securicor rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

W fancourt 
BSI rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

E frazer 
racal  rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

P griffiths 
Cellnet rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

F Grimaldi
SIP rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

T masson
HP rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

A Mchale
ERA rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

S norris 
SPAS rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

R tompkins 
RA rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

R wilkins 
Vodafone rep CRAG TACS - nov 1991

Colin Davies